j-me key organiser



The Key Organiser is a quirky yet fun design which gives you a practical place to store your keys and the rest of the clutter which your pocket seems to have accumulated.

j-me's key organiser gives you two convenient places to store all of your pocket junk. The first compartment is inside the Key Organisers large concaved dish. This area is great for keys and larger pocket items. The second compartment is to be found within the non slip rubber part of the key which is perfect for storing loose change and is easily accessible when in a hurry to leave the house!

The Key Organiser's sleek and curvy design along with its cutting fine lines is what really gives this product that sharp and funky feel! The Key Organiser is anything but ordinary. So no more asking where your keys have got to, store them in the Key Organiser!

  • a key storage solution!
  • a home for your keys, coins and pocket clutter
  • Fun and playful product
  • Material: non-slip rubber & stainless steel
  • dimensions: 230 x 129 x 41mm

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