j-me Cozy Remote Control Tidy



j-me's remote control tidy is without a doubt a truly stunning solution to the age old problem of remote controls going AWOL. This tasteful solution enables everyone to get their remotes under control, keeping them snug and tidy in each of its four compartments. Since its launch in July 2009, the cozy has certainly proved itself to be the best by being j-me's top seller 3 years in a row, both in the UK and overseas - that's every year since its launch. The Cozy Remote Control Tidy is the perfect eye-catching addition to every coffee table that it ever sits on. Picture this: You rush home from work, eager to catch your favourite program which is due to start…but the remote is nowhere to be seen. After frantically lifting up all the cushions, looking under the sofa and even the fridge (you never know?!) you eventually find it lying under a magazine...now you've missed the first 5 minutes of your program and knocked your drink all over the floor in the mania of trying to find the remote! Thanks to this sculptural piece, remotes will no longer have to live down the back of the sofa, or in any other obscure location which is impossible to find! Now they have their own home, which is a stress free arm's length away!

  • never lose your remotes again
  • holds up to 4 remotes
  • non-slip rubber
  • holds most standard remote controls
  • 13cm wide x 13cm deep x 9cm high

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