Hanayama Cast Seabream Marine Puzzle


Separate the fish and...
bring them back together!

In the summer of 1997, I saw two horse mackerels that had somehow managed to get into the sardine tank at the aquarium. The sight of these two fish being unable to blend in with the shoal of sardines made them seem as if they were on an expedition of self-discovery. 

What sort of adventures will they have? Imagining this led to the conception of six Cast Puzzles based on oceanographic subjects. CAST BREAM / Subject: Sea Bream A sea bream and horse mackerel enjoying themselves getting tangled up together. Take them apart, and then put them back together again.

  • The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed & developed over more than a quarter of a century.
  • And is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created!
  • Puzzle Mission -Can you save the small shark from the big shark's teeth... Difficuty level 1 of 6
  • But don't be fooled by this seemingly easy difficulty level... where Hanayama is cornered even a level 1 can be a challenging feat!
  • There are 6 puzzles in to collect in the Hanayama Cast Marine Range - so why not check out the other 5.               

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