Funtime Thirst Aid Helmet Drinking Hat


At the average British festival or sporting event you may be the lucky recipient of more than one drink. If this happens, the last thing you want is for those drinks to be spilt or knocked over. Carry them in your hands and you run a 99% chance of that happening. However, with a little forward preparation, you can ensure your drinks stay safe. The Thirst Aid hat started life as an ordinary hat, but as you can see it has since had some rather interesting modifications. Just place a bottle or can in the Thirst Aid Hat's holder, attach the plastic tube into the top of each beverage and you're ready to face the world knowing that your thirst is now well and truly quenched! You now have both of your hands free to clap, gesticulate or just to carry more beer!  
  •  Hands free drinking has never been so simple!!!
  • Watching the footie? Don't miss the action whilst you drink!!
  • Great for the garden, at the beach or just watching the TV!
  • You can even mix your drinks by having two types of drink on each side of the helmet!!
  • The drinks are on me!!!!!!!  

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