Dzine Dr Fart - Ultimate Fart Blaster


Dr Fart - six Hilarious Fart Sounds! 1. The On The Spot Fart: You didn't even know it was there, but suddenly out it comes! 2. The Discretely Disguised Fart: A fart which you know on arrival could be extremely loud, so you cup your hands to your mouth and cough just as the fart is released. 3. The Creaking Door Fart: Sounds like a fart that hurts! Very dry, squeaky and sounds like a little oiling is required! 4. The Relief Fart: Sound and smell is not important on this one. It's the pure relief of finally farting that really matters! 5. Trousers Ripping Special Fart: Normally happens when sitting down and is one of the longest farts. It generally hurts like hell and rips the back off your pants! 6. The Wet 'N' Wild Fart: The most embarrassing of all farts! Guaranteed to stain your pants and leave you with a wet sticky sensation as you walk.
  • Dr Fart - six Hilarious Fart Sounds!
  • The On The Spot Fart: Trousers Ripping Special Fart:
  • The Discretely Disguised Fart: The Wet 'N' Wild Fart:
  • The Creaking Door Fart: The Relief Fart:      

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