Bullshit Alert Button



The Bullshit Alert Button has a loud built-in speaker and red light that illuminates with a bullshit response. Let the Alert say it for you! There are 5 hilariously funny bullshit responses that include the appropriate sirens or beeps. Bullshit Button larger image Bullshit Button larger image The bullshit responses as as follows: Oh come on now, that ain' t even bullshit, that's horse shit. (Siren) Warning, warning, bullshit alert. (Beep) That was bullshit. (Siren) Bullshit detected, take precautions. (Siren) Bullshit level death con 5. With the velcro attachment you can securely attach the button to your car dashboard, desk or wall. The Bullshit Alert Button is the essential device to politely alert friends, family or work colleagues that they are talking bullshit!

  •  One Bullshit Alert Button 5 different bullshit responses
  • Built-in loud speaker
  • Attractive blister packaging
  • Suitable for adults only
  • Size: Bullshit Alert Button W 7.6cm x D 5cm
  • Bullshit Alert Button batteries: 2x AAA batteries included

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