Cushtie Cushion Pillow Original by Funtime


It's very difficult to say anything original about the Cushtie cushion pillow original, over the 10+ years since we first started selling them Original Cushties have become one of the all time best selling gifts we have ever stocked in our 30 years of gifts and gadgets. Thousands of reviews have been written over the years in praise of the cushtie for uses as diverse as supporting a broken leg to cushioning an advanced pregnancy bump in bed. Many people have come back year after year to buy again and again, together with the many medical establishments that buy them regularly for people with a need for a light, soft support cushion. The reasons that so many of the Cushtie cushion pillow pink have been sold over the last twelve years or so is simple, the Original Cushtie is soft, stretchy, squishy and one of the most addictive objects you can ever imagine. It's filled with many thousands of tiny polystyrene beads that just flow like sand back into shape, whatever you do with it. Punch it, squeeze it, even use it as an ordinary cushion and you'll see just how squidgeable the Original Cushtie really is. Ideal as a small gift for Mothers Day, Birthdays or any other occasion, it will be appreciated for the comfort and support it brings to anyone that uses it at home or for travel. We have cushties in the original tube shape, the horseshoe shaped neck cushties and the travel cushties with their own plastic zip bag with space for your travel papers etc., all come in Blue, Pink or Black.

  • A squishing session with a Cushtie will help you relax after a hard day at the office.
  • Hug it, sit on it, or kick it!
  • You can do what you like to a Cushtie, its polystyrene bead filling will just squish back into shape
  • You just can stop squishing it! Cushties have an amazing tactile feel
  • Forget everything you ever knew about cushions, and welcome to the world of cushtie cushions!

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