Air Zooka


You've heard of a bazooka. You've heard of air. Put the two together and what have you got? That's right. The Air Zooka, capable of delivering a highly targeted, omni-directional blast of air across an entire room. The Airzooka is a wind tunnel in miniature, trapping air in its conical rear quadrant and firing it forward with elastic speed for maximum disruption. And quite a few ruffled feathers. Working solely on your command - it's gripped by your hand, after all - nothing can enter the airflow without being caught in its spiralling vortex. Nothing in its path can escape the immediate sensation of being in a dense but very short-lived Force 8 gale. Designed to dislodge toupees and comb-overs in one fell swoop, this dastardly contraption has but one purpose. To irritate, befuddle and discombobulate. There's a world of potential in your office: neatly stacked papers, carefully arranged hair-dos, perfectly aligned ties. All waiting to be dislodged and dislocated. In fact, a woman rang us to say she heard there was a hurricane on the way. Oh yes. So go forth and let the wild wind break.

  • Surprise your friends by hitting them with a harmless ball of air over 20ft!
  • Ruffle a persons' hair, dress or papers on their desk!
  • Air Zooka operates by pulling and releasing the built-in elastic air launcher.
  • Suitable indoor or outdoors.
  • Anyone wearing a light wig or toupee had better watch out!!
  • Size:- 16cms x 27.9cms x 27.9cms

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